John Boyega on ‘Hot Ones’ [Video]

True Story: My friend and I went to see 21 Bridges a few weeks ago at Alamo Drafthouse. The previews included the trailer for the latest Star Wars coming December 20th. I’ve avoided all teasers and trailers, I don’t want to see a single thing because I’m already invested and going to see Episode 9.

While holding my menu up to my face to hide my eyes from the screen, my friend confesses that he’s never seen a single Star Wars film. No big deal. He later recants his confession with, “Oh wait, I saw the early 2000’s ones with Zoe Saldana.” After giving him a confused look, I replied, “That’s Star Trek.” They’re really not the same. Anywho, as punishment for leaving his script in a hotel room, John Boyega takes one for the team and appears on the tenth season finale of Hot Ones during the film’s press run.