Buddy – “Black 2” [Video]

I’m taking my late pass on Buddy. The Compton rapper’s name has been floating around since 2011. The man has an entire trilogy of songs with Nipsey Hussle called “Status Symbol” that never stuck with me. He’s even on my favorite Dreamville song, “Costa Rica,”  but everyone was on that song. Some staff here at nappyafro even think I bare a resemblance to Buddy. (I don’t.) He made “Black,” but I didn’t even know that was a real song, I thought it was just a quick instrumental used for Instagram videos.

It took his hilariously creative “Bad Boys” video with Overdoz. member Kent Jamz off their joint project, Janktape for me to finally take note. Now I gotta go back and watch their Tiny Desk performance. This week, Buddy released the timely sequel to his Black anthem for motivational purposes. Enjoy and be inspired!

“Bad Boys”