Why Did Mr. Biggs Keep Getting Cheated On?

Update: We actually made a YouTube video version of this article that you can check right here.

Let’s discuss the storyline of Mr. Frank Biggs aka Ronald Isley, and how he constantly got cheated on. Okay. Let me explain. I have been wanting to write about the four songs and music videos that Ronald Isley and R. Kelly did together between 1995 to 2003 for a while. I just didn’t know how to start. Besides R. Kelly just being a piece of shit, I really didn’t want to put shit about Robert Kelly on nappyafro in 2020 (Besides, Saule Wright went in and deleted most the R. Kelly articles). This whole article initially started as something for the official newsletter (Which you should be subscribed to) but the site needs content so here I am writing about an old-school certified R&B legend who for some reason started playing a mob boss in music videos and a Chicago pedophile who kept cheating with his women.

Update: Added “Showdown”

R. Kelly feat. The Isley Brothers – “Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)” – 1995

R. Kelly’s “Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)” is when the character of Mr. Biggs was created. Basically, R. Kelly took inspiration with the 1990 movie Revenge and just put Ronald Isley in the same role Anthony Quinn played.

The story here is that R. Kelly is a goon for mob boss Mr. Biggs. Kelly ends up having an affair with Frank Biggs’s wife Lila Heart (?) played by Garcelle Beauvais (I don’t know R. Kelly’s character name but when just keep calling him R. Kelly). Mr. Biggs finds out and beats the shit out of both of them. Mrs. Biggs dies and R. Kelly cries about in a hospital gown. One point for Mr. Biggs I guess.

Kelly Price feat. R. Kelly & Ronald Isley – “Friend of Mine (Remix)” – 1998

So apparently Kelly Price is the goddaughter of Mr. Biggs. Kelly catches her husband cheating with her best friend and cries to her godfather. They both call her cheating husband, who is R. Kelly, on three-way (Which is kinda weird now that I think about it). I use to think that R. Kelly was playing a different character in the “Friend of Mine (Remix)” video but I think it’s the same person from “Down Low”. Mr. Biggs and his goons go to the hotel R. Kelly is staying in but the staff does not tell what room he is staying in (It’s the penthouse by the way), so Mr. Biggs never actually saw him. I honestly think that R. Kelly married Kelly Price and broke her heart as revenge for what happened in “Down Low”. Cold shit.

The Isley Brothers feat. R. Kelly & Chanté Moore – “Contagious” – 2001

Here is where it’s getting crazy. In “Contagious” Mr. Biggs gets cheated on yet again. And again, R. Kelly has something to do with it. But finally after all that happened in “Friend of Mine” and “Down Low”, Frank Biggs finally recognizes R. Kelly. Well, almost. This has me thinking that either Mr. Biggs is suffering from early-onset dementia or that he has killed a lot of wives and dishonest goons in his day. I’m looking at R. Kelly crazy too because I have no idea what his plan was. He fucks Mr. Biggs’s girl and gets caught in the act. Now what? There was a big chance that he was gonna get his ass beat and left in the desert. Again. Maybe Mr. Biggs was just a changed man by now because this time he just kicks out his woman (This time played by Chanté Moore) instead of killing her. Props on the cool cane sword though.

The Isley Brothers feat. JS – “Busted” – 2003

Maybe this was R. Kelly’s plan the whole time. Mr. Biggs is now a broken man in “Busted”. Where is used to beat people up and leave them stranded in the desert, he is now sitting in the dark in his pajamas waiting on his much younger (and cheating) girlfriend. Frank is calling her friends and double-checking stories and shit. R. Kelly wasn’t on the actual song but he does make an appearance (again) as the man cheating with Mr. Bigg’s girl Kandy Johnson of JS (Ronal Isley’s real-life baby mother). If R. Kelly’s whole plan was to make Ronald “Mr. Biggs” Isley go out like an old simp, then mission accomplished.

R. Kelly feat. Ronald Isley – “Showdown” – 2003

Would you look at this? Thanks to the homie Roderick (aka Slik P) for pointing this one out. R. Kelly and Ronald Isley actually made a fifth installment to saga with the seven-minute-long “Showdown” off the Chocolate Factory album. I don’t know if this fully counts because this is the only song here that doesn’t have a music video but it’s by far the most cinematic listed here audio-wise.

What’s crazy is that I always wondered if all these songs were really connected but “Showdown” confirms that. Mr. Biggs hums “Contagious” in one of the interludes and even references Kelly Price and what happened in “Down Low”.

Frank Biggs and R. Kelly are going at it over another woman (This time named Asia) and somehow they end up on horses at a farm (R. Kelly also plays multiple characters so that’s weird too). The whole thing just plays out as a western at the end and I’m sure R. Kelly had plans to make a music video but it just didn’t happen. I can’t even say “Showdown” is the finale because the ending is a cliffhanger. How the hell did I miss this song?