Song of the Week: Larry June & Jay Worthy – “Hotel Bel-Air”

While it’s not 2023 just yet, I hope to do things a little differently next year. I think nappyafro has posted a new Certified Banger every week for a minute now, and I hope we can do the same for Song of the Week. So let’s (try to) begin that streak now.

This Song of the Week is kinda easy because the nappyafro Staff just did a Best Songs of 2022 list, so I’m still in that mode. While I personally think I made the best contribution to the Best Songs of 2022 list (of course), there are always a few songs that I missed. If I could do my list again today, “Hotel Bel-Air” by Larry June & Jay Worthy would be on my list.

“Hotel Bel-Air” didn’t make my 2022 list because I literally just heard the song a week before putting my list together. But every time I hear that sample of “All My Love” by The Ritchie Family, I am reminded how it probably should have made my list and how much of a vibe “Hotel Bel-Air” is (I’m also becoming a big fan of Jay Worthy). Enough of my rambling. Check out the Song of the Week below.