Notable Tracks: Flyana Boss, JELEEL!, & Enny

Welcome to the first Notable Tracks post of the year. This is where I gather 3 to 4 songs, sometimes with a theme, and other times, they are just new discoveries for me. This week is it the latter. Whatever, let’s get into it.

Flyana Boss – “You Wish”

I feel like I’ve been late to discover Flyana Boss. I didn’t really know anything about them until I saw people discussing their presence at Google offices. Now, when you search for them on Google, you’ll even find an emoji representation of them on the search page. While their music may not be my personal taste, I’m glad they exist and appreciate the need for popular female rappers who don’t adhere to the typical “bad bitch” aesthetic. There’s nothing wrong with artists like Cardi B, Latto, or Ice Spice, but it’s essential to have diverse voices at the top of the industry. Just like male rappers have their diversity, with some being gangster rappers and others like J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar making their mark with success.

I assume that “You Wish” is Flyana Boss’ biggest song? Although their music isn’t my cup of tea, it seems to resonate with TikTok users, making it catchy and suitable for success. The fact that they received a co-sign from Missy Elliott also speaks volumes about their potential. Some critics argue that they might be limited in their flow and visuals, often seen running around the city while rapping, but it’s clear that they have already inspired others who are emulating their style. Regardless of the opinions, I genuinely wish them great success in their career.

JELEEL! feat. Chow Lee – “Confetti!”

I often come across Jeleel JELEEL! on social media, where he appears as this muscular brother rapping in front of massive crowds and even performing backflips on stage. Interestingly, I don’t personally know any Black people who listen to his music. However, I recently heard his track “Confetti!” featuring Chow Lee, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Upon a quick glance at his other songs, I noticed that most of them seem to have a blend of Travis Scott’s and Trippie Redd’s styles. While that genre isn’t really my thing, “Confetti!” has a unique appeal to it, almost like a drill song but with a summer vibe (if that makes sense).

I’m not sure if I’ll delve deeper into JELEEL!’s discography, but I’ll certainly keep an open mind. I’m not a fan of the exclamation points in all his song titles (thumbs down), but I appreciate the fact that he incorporates wrestling moves into his stage performances (thumbs up). So, despite the mixed feelings, I’ll remain open to exploring more of his music in the future.

Enny – “Charge It”

I don’t have much information about Enny, but what I do know is that I really like her song “Charge It.” Based on her sound, I’m assuming she is from London, as she shares similarities with artists like Little Simz, Ms. Dynamite, and Estelle – all talented women whom I’ve had crushes on, in a way. The beat on “Charge It” is fantastic, and Enny’s combination of singing and rapping on the track is executed exceptionally well. That’s pretty much all I have.