Song of the Week: Snoop Doggy Dogg – “Gz Up, Hoes Down”

Snoop Dogg recently released the 30th Anniversary Edition of Doggystyle and it included the track “Gz Up, Hoes Down”. If you are like me, you just said something like, “You meant to type “Gz and Hustlas” or “That wasn’t on the tracklist”. But it was. Kinda. Let me go to the nerds over on Wikipedia:

Gz Up, Hoes Down” is only included on the very first pressings of the album, and the recently released 30th anniversary pressings. It was omitted due to sample clearance issues. It was later re-released on the 2006 Death Row Records compilation, 15 Years on Death Row.

On the U.S. original release’s back cover “Gz Up, Hoes Down” is erroneously listed after “Pump Pump” instead of immediately before.

Original pressings in Europe features track names for all interludes – the interlude track names listed above are taken from the said European release. “W Balls” was the only interlude listed on the original American release. All interludes, including “W Balls” were later omitted from all track listings.

The original pressings of the album, which contains “Gz Up, Hoes Down”, list an outro track titled, “Tha Next Episode”, but does not feature on any pressings of the album. A low-quality recording of the song later leaked online sometime in the late 2000s.

“Gz Up, Hoes Down”, only included on original pressings of the album. Omitted due to sample clearance issues.

For some reason, I now vividly recall all of this, and in my heart, it feels like I possessed a rare version of Doggystyle. Would it make sense for a kid in Athens, GA, to have a rare version of Doggystyle in 1993? No, it doesn’t. But still. (I do seriously remember the tracklist on the back of the CD being slightly wrong though)

“Gz Up, Hoes Down” has been floating around for a while, but with the 30th anniversary of Doggystyle just passing, why not make it the Song of the Week?

All the real G’s, please stand up.