Alt-Day Sunday: Jennifer Warnes – “Let The Sunshine In”

S/O to the Aquarius folks. ♒️.

New Girl is one of the greatest sitcoms ever. If you don’t agree, you haven’t watched it yet. Just like the people that missed out on the Starz, formerly Max owned, show, Minx. Both shows featured exquisite acting from Jake Johnson. His portrayal of Nick Miller in New Girl and Peter B Parker in the Spider-Verse films has added Johnson to the list of (white) actors that I’m happy to see when they appear on screen. Right now, it’s him, Gary Cole, James Marsden, Michael Cera, and Justin Long.

Minx was about a woman with a hard-core feminist idea for a publication teaming up with a soft-core porn publisher to create the first male-nude magazine for women in 1970s Los Angeles. During the end credits, Jennifer Warnes‘s rendition of “Let The Sunshine In” plays and that lady can sang. Today’s song choice is from the Broadway play, Hair, about two friends at crossroads while America is dealing with war, civil rights, sexual revolution, and freedom of self expression.

“Let The Sunshine In” is the uplifting closing song to the rock musical. This rendition by one of the original cast members of the 1969 production is the perfect kickoff to a new year. Happy Kobe Year! Welcome to 2024!