Lil B

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Lil’ B Releases A 676 Song Mixtape

NO..THAT IS NOT A TYPO! We thought Freddie Gibbs was doing something with 81 songs on a mixtape, but Lil' B will not be outdone by ANYONE! He releases 47 al...
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New York Loves Lil B?

A few months ago, if somebody would've told me that Lil' B would be doing shows in New York one day, I would've laughed. But as the video above shows, not onl...
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Lil’ B Gets Knocked Out

I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand, I get a kick out of people getting stole on, but this one doesn’t sit right with me. By now I know you have...
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DMF of the Week: Lil B

"100 thousand nigga...all day nigga!" Cruising the net I ran across this gem right here...Lil' B. What I didn't know about this guy is that he is part of t...