Michael Jackson

FROCAST: Episode #200

Follow us: @nappyafro @saulewright @GQ_Blu @carterazoo We figured since it's a celebration, bitches, we'd go in on some music topics this week, as well a...
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The Numbers Game: Bailey

No real notable releases this week other that Corinne Bailey Rae's second album The Sea (She seems cool but I wouldn't classify her a Hip-Hop or R&B). I g...
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The Numbers Game: King Of Pop Edition

This week I got a few questions about the sales number for Michael Jackson (Through e-mails and people I know personally). Since most retail outlets were so...
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BET Awards ’09 + Performances

Damn. I understand that Michael Jackson's death threw off the whole BET Awards, but I still gotta say it: It sucked. They had their hearts in the right plac...
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Dwele’s MJ Tribute Video

First off, I don't want ya'll to think that the Fro has went soft..we are just paying homage to one of the greatest entertainers in MUSIC. Let's not forget ...