Song of the Week: MC Lyte – “Cold Rock a Party”

Sometimes it feels the world is working together to imprint things on you. And I guess not necessarily in a bad way. For example: It feels like I have been hearing the song “Upside Down” by Diana Ross a lot in the past week or so. It all started when I saw an old video on Reddit of Diana Ross for 1981. She was at a concert singing “Upside Down” when she then brought somebody on stage and this person turned out to be Michael Jackson. Mike does some patented moves and then snatches the microphone and steals the show (These leads to Diana Ross reminding me that she cannot dance at all). I saw this last week and even posted it on the nappyafro Instagram as an Instagram Story.

I don’t watch cable or network TV that much unless it’s sports or pro wrestling; it’s all streaming or pirating for me basically. But when I did watch TV last week, I saw a Nutella commercial using the song “Upside Down”. It felt like I saw that commercial like five times.

So at this point, if you looked at the title of this post, you are probably wondering why the hell is MC Lyte‘s “Cold Rock a Party” the Song of the Week? Well, that song samples “Upside Down” by Diana Ross. To be more accurate, I think the version of “Cold Rock a Party” I am talking about is the “Bad Boy Remix” featuring Missy Misdemeanor Elliott. It’s not that much of a difference from the started version, which I never heard until I started writing this (Both have Puff talking all over the track; Shout out to Suge). Whenever I hear “Upside Down” I eventually think about “Cold Rock a Party”. And that is how we got here.

Now that I think about it, I probably should have made “Upside Down” the Song of the Week. Or at least dusted off the Sample Clearance column or stole R&B Sunday from Short-T. Either way, that’s your Song of the Week. See you next time.