iPod Hustle: Goodie Mob, The Notorious B.I.G., Juelz Santana, Styles P, & Steve Wonder


Okay, today what I’m going to do is put my iPod on shuffle for 5 songs, see what comes up, and explain the story and info behind the song. I got around 3000 songs on my iPod so it should be interesting. Let’s get it:

Goodie Mob “See You When I See You”

Album: Still Standing (1998)
Rating: 4 Stars


This is probably my favorite song from the Still Standing album. I always like rap songs where a rapper spits a verse and does the hook, then the next rapper goes and does the same hook. I think this is the last great album from Goodie because the next one after this one was World Party…Ewww!

The Notorious B.I.G. “Kick In The Door”

Album: Life After Death (1997)
Rating: 5 Stars


Oh shit! This is the best Biggie Smalls song ever…period. From the Madd Rapper intro to the beat, everything just works here. If you want to explain to someone why B.I.G. was one of the greatest, play this shit for them. Not to mention that this was a quiet shot at Nas and judging from Jay-Z rhymes, this is probably one of his favorites too. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Juelz Santana feat. Cam’ron “Dipset (Santana’s Town)”

Album: From Me To You (2003)
Rating: 4 Stars


This is the “crunkest” New York song I ever heard. I’m not the biggest Juelz fan, but I’ve always liked this song. It popularized the Diplomats now famous mantra: Dipset! Dipset! Dipset! My Favorite line: “Drink it girl, its coming I know you thirsty”.

Styles P “Good Times”

Album: A Gangsta And A Gentleman (2002)
Rating: 4 Stars


Even cats that didn’t smoke liked this one. Even though A Gangsta And A Gentleman was basically a good album, without this song it would’ve went Gold. The radio version sucked though; “I get by, by, by, by”.

Stevie Wonder “All I Do”

Album: Hotter Than July (1980)
Rating: 5 Stars


If you haven’t notice by now, I don’t have a lot of R&B on my iPod. But this one by Mr. Stevie Wonder is by far one of my favorite songs. I’m not into all that mushy shit but he’s preaching on this one. The only problem I have with this one? Not a lotta hood rats know who Stevie Wonder is now a days.