The Wire finally gets some respect


I’m patiently waiting on the return of my favorite television show The Wire. Now I have been watching it since it came out 5 years ago. I’m not one on the people that just started watching it this past season. I am very happy with all of the accolades the show has been receiving lately, but I’m a little upset that it took everybody this long to catch on. I mean it was the fourth season. Now it’s on BET, from the beginning, and people are starting to see how it ballooned into the best show on TV. It all started with Avon, Stringer, DeAngelo, Wee-Bay, Bodie, Wallace, some names you newbies don’t recognize. But I knew that this was the best written and most realistic ever. It started in the projects for the first season, went to the ports on the second season, third season back to the streets with new characters, and the fourth season it brought in the new generation to show how fast the kids growing up now have to step it up. My Sundays revolved around the 10 o’clock time frame. I mean, you can’t even call my house when The Wire is on! But like I said this show might be a little to “real” for some people to digest. Some people live in this fantasy world, where they believe that things like this don’t really go on. They believe that all of this is just “made for TV.” Well let me tell all of you who aren’t in touch with the streets. IT REALLY DOES HAPPEN! This past season may have been the best so far, because of the new story line they brought in, but the acting was remarkable. I mean, to show what inner city kid’s face was amazing. This showed all of America that the education system is failing and something needs to be done because this could happen in my city or maybe yours. It showed that parenting goes a long way too. If you raise your children the right way, they still can be sucked in by the streets. So I’m trying to hold off until the end of this year to see what happens to all of my characters because I’m still mourning the loss of my favorite character, Bodie. He was the original “Cornerboy” we watched for years and he never made it off the block. He still didn’t have his own block or his own package! But this goes out to you. R.I.P BODIE.

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