5 Questions: January’s release dates, The Wire leaks, The South reign in ’08, still no Carter 3, T-Pain’s voice box, & “2007 Rap Up”


I want to start off by saying Happy New Year! We hope the New Year will be a prosperous one for us all! Now that we have that out the way, let’s get to the FIVE QUESTIONS!

Question #1: Why are there no releases coming out early first quarter?

After a big December in Hip-Hop, January is sure going to be a slow month! The only big name album coming out is 9th Wonder’s The Wonder Years. WHAT?! (Update: Now the 9th Wonder album is got pushed back to Spring)

Question #2: How did the producers from The Wire let seven (or five) episodes leak?


I know that they didn’t do it on purpose, but didn’t they know that the episodes were going to make it to the net? How could you mess up your Sundays by watching the shows before they hit TV?

Question #3: Will 2008 be the year the South is dethroned?


The South has had a stranglehold on the game for a while now, is this the year that another region will take over? I don’t know, but the South is as strong as ever now! So if you are going to try…get ya weight up!

Question #4: Why hasn’t Lil’ Wayne’s album came out yet?


How long does he think this buzz will last? The album was supposed to come out early 07, but it kept getting pushed back. But we got that Birdman album that we were waiting on though! Wayne put your album out before you get in DETOX status!

Question #5: How is T-Pain going to make money now that everyone is using his “voice box”?


I’ve heard Diddy use it, Chris Brown has used it, now Snoop has a song with him singing with one. If everybody can do it, WHY DO WE NEED T-PAIN? He should have copyrighted it before he bought the 3 million dollar jet!
Did I say five?…well here is six!

Question #6 (Bonus): What do you think of the “2007 Wrap” Up by Skillz?
I like it, but I’ve came to wonder is this the only song people want to hear from Skillz? If he released an album, how would the public react to it? If you haven’t heard it, here goes the video!

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/9L74KHJZX-g" width="425" height="355" wmode="transparent" /]