Had A Spark When You Started, Now You Just Garbage: LL Cool J


The first member of the HASWYSNYJG Club is a personal favorite of mine. It actually pains me to write this column. LL COOL J. Dog, have you listened to your lyrics lately? I guess not, because you would have been stopped rapping. My man Todd was even on my greatest rapper list, but that was because of the impact he had on the game over 20 years ago. Now he isn’t even relevant. He claims that Jay’s comeback killed his buzz, no your garbage raps and played out image did it. So LL, this is not a diss, this is from one of the people that you made love rap, please hang it up! I don’t care what kind of contract your are in, LET IT GO! Don’t do something you might regret, like leave DEF JAM, your only home all these years. So please Uncle L, hang it up, because you can’t hang with these new jacks, look at the picture, is this the LL you know? Because this dude looks like that dude you see at the nightclub that is still trying to be young, you know that dude that still wears the jeans and jean shirt to match. Basically he looks like the 35 year old that still goes to the 18 & up club. So this goes out to you LL COOL J for being the honorary member of the club.

Some old LL Cool J:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/-7l250E5uM4" width="425" height="355" wmode="transparent" /]