ego trip’s The (White) Rapper Show Wrap Up


When I first heard that VH1 had a show called The (White) Rapper Show coming out, I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was gonna be some bullshit! But after watching, it’s probably one of my current favorite shows. It doesn’t take it self seriously and it’s entertaining. In the show, ten white rappers compete with each other for the chance at a $100,000 grand prize. The show is based in the South Bronx, with MC Serch from the group 3rd Bass serving as the host. At the end of each show, one rapper is eliminated. The winner will be announced on February 26, 2007

Let’s have a look at the contestants:



(Eliminated Episode 1)
The guy was all gimmick and no substance. Name says it all about his career. – King Jerm
This guy sounded like Eminem and that’s about it. He froze in the “Ice Ice Box” and was the first to get eliminated. He did curse back at MC Serch and tell him, “You ain’t my Daddy!” – B-Easy

Misfit Dior:


(Eliminated Episode 2)
Okay, some guys may have thought she was decent, but the bottom line was that she couldn’t spit! – King Jerm
This is that chick from London who the cast mates thought was sexy. That’s about all she had. I couldn’t really understand her but I know one thing; if she would of met Juelz Santana, the Diplomats coulda ran threw this broad (she did have a crush on Juelz) – B-Easy



(Eliminated Episode 3)
Terrible! Someone should have stopped this child before G! – King Jerm
She looked up to Vanilla Ice! What the hell did you expect? When this chick started trying to break dance, it was a wrap. – B-Easy

100 Proof:


(Eliminated Episode 4)
No one wants to hear that Kid Rock Rap shit in 2007! White boys can rap now! – King Jem
I gotta give it to him, he tried. Couldn’t rhyme though. – B-Easy



(Eliminated Episode 5)
This was my favorite from the beginning, but he choked liked the Red Sox, should’ve known, he was from Boston too. – King Jerm
Sullee (or Young Heff) was alright. That dude barely ever delivered during elimination. Oh, he also took his self out the game because he didn’t wanna “snitch”. – B-Easy

Jon Boy:


(Eliminated Episode 5)
Got caught up in the mix, thought he was hot and he wasn’t, best rhyme was his last. – King Jerm
This dude had minor skills but at the video shoot, he played his self. – B-Easy



(Eliminated Episode 6)
Brown was right about her, she didn’t have a lot of rhymes and she couldn’t remember those. – King Jerm
I thought this chick was gonna win the whole thing. I got tired of hearing that same rhyme about “eating your food”. Okay, we know you been eating somebody’s food. – B-Easy

Jus Rhyme:


(Eliminated Episode 7)
A revolutionary white dude? Well, if he could spit I might be able to ride with his movement, but the dude is GARBAGE! – King Jerm
You never get points in my book for kissing anybody’s ass, even if its black people’s ass. One word that describes him: confused. He still got robbed at the “8 Mile” style battle. – B-Easy



Man at first I thought he could spit, but after listening, he really couldn’t spit to me. I guess I was caught up in the gold grill he had. – King Jerm
Shamrock was fucking up late in the game but he was still the most consistent during eliminations. – B-Easy

John Brown:


King of the Burbs” was the best out the bunch. I know that there are hundreds of rappers better than him, but who could market themselves better? Hallelujah Holla Back! – King Jerm
Okay, John Brown is a fake and a poser, but can you really hate on anyone this clueless. With that said, he still is the best the show has to offer. When dude said, “Yo we next, in the heart of BX, I thought about Malcolm, my last name could be X”, I rolled with him since then. – B-Easy

All in all, I thought the show was good for the people. It taught them some things about the culture, and really let them learn some things about hip-hop. I liked the battles at the end, wish that they had better rappers for better battles.