“Kobe Bryant…still the best in the league!”


The new Nike ad features all of the stars of the NBA, but I was wondering, if Kobe never would have done what he had done, how much larger would he be? I mean he is by far the best player in the league right now. I know what you’re thinking, what about LeBron? What about LeBron! Kobe would have been the face of the NBA if he didn’t have that accusation against him. I mean that Madison Avenue is scared of what people would think if the league kept marketing him like nothing was wrong. Remember the saying “innocent until proven guilty”? Well not in the matter of public opinion! He was condemned quicker than the Duke Lacrosse team! Nobody ever seemed to question the accuser even after she had different DNA in her draws! I’m going to break it down for you: Kobe hit, she left, came back for round 2, and Kobe said, once was enough, and she felt bad, so she made up some ridiculous story about rape. Come on, Kobe rape? No! Did you see this broad? Why would he rape her? This is basically a story about a paper chaser. She saw that she had a sweet lick on her hands and she took advantage of it. I ain’t hating on her hustle, but come on. The chick is married now with a kid and Kobe financed her life. I hope she has blown all of the money he gave her. The justice system needs to be corrected because this could have happened to anyone. All these women have to do is say that a male raped her and he is instantly condemned. Something has to be done, because this ruined a remarkable career. This just isn’t infidelity, because if it was, this wouldn’t be a story. He will never get to shake this off because people will question him about this forever, even though the charges were dropped. I just hope he bounces back and reclaim the league from Nash, Wade, and LeBron.

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