USDA – Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer [Review]

USDA - Young Jeezy Presents USDA- Cold Summer

It seems like that when every rapper achieves some kind of success, they have a crew they gotta reach back for. Eminem had D12, Biggie had Junior M.A.F.I.A., Nelly had the St. Lunatics, Nas had Bravehearts; the lists goes on and on. Now after releasing back to back platinum albums, Young Jeezy does this and introduces the world to his group: USDA (United Streets Dopeboyz of America). I don’t have a problem with rappers helping others out with their careers; I guess it’s good to give back. But the only problem I have is that most of the time when these kinds of groups come out, they never live up to the quality of the rapper who put them on. I’m actually familiar with the other two members of USDA (they were on the cover of June’s XXL). Blood Raw and Slick Pulla both have been grinding on the Southern mixtape for a minute. Even though neither really made me take notice, I going into this review giving them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s get into USDA’s debut album, Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer.

1. Focus
This song could’ve been on any of Jeezy’s albums (Which isn’t a bad thing). Jeezy starts it off and doesn’t sound like he’s mailing it in. Slick Pulla calls himself Bobby Drake again which for all you comic books fans out there know is Iceman’s government name. That alone makes me like this song. Not a bad start.

2. White Girl
This is the first single off this album. I guess you can probably figure out that this song isn’t about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. I never really liked this song that much. I mean, it’s not bad, just not that much as far as a single. Kinda boring to me. It’s kinda funny that Christina Aguilera is mentioned in the hook though. Isn’t she part Hispanic or something?

3. Get It Up
This sounds like it could’ve been produced by DJ Toomp or something. I like the beat though. The song is about getting up your grind and money and what not. Jeezy tries a faster flow on this one too. I’m also starting to realize that Blood Raw’s style reminds me of T-Mo from Goodie Mob.

4. Check
The hook on this one is kinda suspect. They subject matter is also starting to thin out. Damn, you told me you was slanging and making big money on the first track. I did find out that Blood Raw calls himself Blood Rawsteen. Oh yea, I really wasn’t feeling this song.

5. Corporate Thuggin’
This song is a semi ode to their company CTE (Corporate Thugz Ent.). Young Jeezy verse in this one goes at the critics and is actually not that bad. Blood Raw verse is average. The beat is okay though. All in all, a good song.

6. Throw This Money
“This a strip club service announcement”. That’s how the song starts off so I guess this is the “let’s make it rain in the strip club” song. The hook goes: “Gone shake ya ass bitch, I’m a throw this money”. That’s it. In the strip club, this song would probably be a beast. Outside the strip club, its garbage.

7. Pam
I thought this was a song for the ladies. It really reminds me of that Lil’ Wanye/Hot Boys’ song “Kisha”. You know how they all mess with the same girl. It’s not a bad song at all; I’m just happy they changed up the subject matter.

8. Quickie
Okay, I think this one is a song for the ladies…or at least the chicken heads. It starts with Jeezy asking a girl, “Where your punk ass nigga at?”. The song basically dealing with keeping your Nike’s on, lifting up her skirt, and getting that quickie sex. I can’t front, I’m kinda feeling the message. Hey, we all can’t have sex for six hours!

9. Live My Life (feat. Scar)
I’m surprised this one wasn’t the first single. It has Scar (from Outkast’s “Morris Brown”) singing the hook to give it that radio feel. It talks about what every rapper talks about, “stop hating, I’m ballin’). It didn’t really speak to me but I could see why someone would like it.

10. Ride Tonight
Jeezy doesn’t appear on this one and let’s Blood Raw and Slick Pulla shine by their selves. This song sounds like a something you might have already heard on this album. Nothing really noteworthy here.

11. What It Is
Damn, these beats are really starting to sound the same. It seems like they running out of steam toward the end of the album. This is the second song in a row that Jeezy doesn’t appear on. By now you know that they ain’t rapping about saving the world on this song. More hoes, clothes, drugs, and money.

12. I Keep Tellin’ Myself
I guess this song could be taken as an uplifting song. It talks about how you gotta keep telling you’re self to be real and stay on the grind because “it’s all about the wealth”. Okay. Not a terrible song, but at this point in the album, I’m getting bored.

13. Respect Da Shield (feat. Roccett & 211)
This song is your basic “respect my crew” song. One thing though: I don’t know who raps second on this song (Roccett or 211) but they rip it. Oh yea, I guess Jeezy went home early because he also doesn’t appear on this song either. The beat is hard on this song though.

12. Go Getta (remix) (Young Jeezy feat. Bun-B & Jadakiss)
It seems like they threw this song on the album for sales (plus this song has been around for a few months anyway). This is a good remix, shit, it might be the best song on the disc. It just doesn’t fit on this album.

Bottom Line:
This album is average at best. It could pass for a second class Young Jeezy album. It’s not garbage though. While Blood Raw and Slick Pulla show glimpses of talent, the subject matter gets repetitive and the beats could have had more variety. If you a big Jeezy, you’ll probably like this album. If not, you might want to download it first.

nappy Picks: “Pam”, “Get It Up”, & “Go Getta (remix)”

Download: USDA – “Pam”