The DMF of the Month Award (June): Adam “Pacman” Jones


This month’s installment of the DMF Award is going to none other than Adam “Pacman” Jones. This guy already has been banned from the NFL for the whole 2007 season, lost 1.3 million dollars in salary, and has been the poster boy for the new conduct policy by new commish Roger Goddell. Sunday night, Pacman was at a strip club in his native hometown of Atlanta, when a shooting occurred. Guess who got implicated in the shooting? You guessed it, Pacman! What is the need for him to go to the strip club so much? With all of the money he has, he could bring the strip club to him! During the NBA All-Star game in Las Vegas, Pacman was involved in a melee in a strip club where Pacman was making it rain. Shots ring out, and someone was paralyzed, and police are trying to press FELONY charges against him for threatening to “kill everyone in the club.” On the eve of the meeting with the commish, he went to a strip club! There is no law that makes it illegal for him to go to these clubs, but every time that you go its front page news, it’s a problem! Let’s not forget the self-imposed curfew of midnight that he said he was sticking to. What about the online classes from West Virginia that he was supposedly taking. Come on Pacman, get your act together, and dump the freeloaders before they BAN you for life! I’ll tell you this, if you are in the booty club and Pacman walks in, LEAVE! Odds are that there will be some shots letting loose before the last G-string is dropped! June’s Winner: Adam “Pacman” Jones