Gangsta Grillz returns, New Jay-Z songs, Lil’ Kim & Young Buck, American Gangster trailer, Common’s album cover, R. Kelly & Usher’s new video, & more


You know what people? Life is hard. Shit, life is real hard. I try not to get to deep when I do this column because it’s supposed to be mostly about Hip-Hop. I guess sometimes it’s just good to drop a gem here and there. In life, you can’t put too much trust in people. You shouldn’t change to make anybody else happy but yourself. Whatever you wanna do in life, focus on that and you will be successful. All I can really say is stay true to who you are and fuck everything else. Okay, enough with all this philosophical shit. Let me do what I do.

DJ Drama & Gangsta Grillz Returns…I guess


Yea, I was happy to see DJ Drama had bounced back after being busted by the feds and returned with another installment of his Gangsta Grillaz mixtape series (#16 to be exact). This is until I actually listened to it though. The actual artists featured on the mixtape was kinda below average (Too much Boosie, too much Gucci Mane, & a whole lot of Willie The Kid appearances). I really thought Drama would have came harder. It’s not terrible, just not up to same level of stuff he did with Wayne, T.I., or Jeezy. Maybe I expected too much; it’s just a mixtape.

Jay-Z Making The Rounds Again



After seeing all those pictures of Jay-Z and Beyonce kissing and walking on a nude beach all week, it’s good to hear old Jigga making more cameos involving music. The first one I have here is Freeway’s “Big Spender” and the second is T.I.’s “Watch What You Say” from T.I. Vs. T.I.P. I’m not even gonna mention his appearance on the new Fabolous album. I ain’t gonna front though; I don’t think either one is that great. Download & enjoy.

Freeway feat. Jay-Z – “Big Spender”

T.I. feat. Jay-Z – “Watch What You Say”

Lil’ Kim Might Be Back!

I saw one of my old baby mamas on the internet this week; Lil’ Kim. Yea, I know she ain’t been looking too good these past few years, but this video got me thinking and reminiscing about 1995/1996.

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But wait, didn’t 50 Cent been diss Lil’ Kim a while back? Doesn’t 50 prefer his crew not to be cool with his enemies? I hope Young Buck got a little more than grinding out the deal; it might cost him his job. First Buck squashed beef with The Game and now this.

My Favorite Movie I Haven’t Seen: American Gangster

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Common’s New Album Finding Forever


Yep, I’m still excited about Common’s new joint. I seen the cover and even though it looks like Electric Circus Part 2, I’m still hyped. Check out a snippet from his album, “Southside” featuring Kanye West

R. Kelly feat. Usher – “Same Girl” Video

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Random Thoughts & Questions

Okay, I was watching 106 & Park the other day and saw Yung Joc. Why in the hell does he have a box haircut now?

I keep hearing about this Big Boi album coming out. What’s the reason for this? Outkast, to me, is the greatest Hip-Hop duo ever! Also, even though I think Big Boi is a good rapper, this might expose him needing Andre 3000 even more than we think. Remember Speakerboxxx?

So St. Louis’ own, Huey, is going at Nelly huh? Even though I was a never a big Nelly fan and even though King Jerm gave Huey a good review (Check that out here), I still think Huey should being showing Pimp Juice more respect.

Did anybody else know about Carl Thomas’ album coming out last week? I didn’t either. I think it debuted at #25 on the Billboard 200, now he’s at #65. How the mighty have fallen.