Keyshia Cole vs. Ciara


Keyshia Cole vs. Ciara This is a debate that has gone on between the staff since the launch of the site; Who is all around better: Keyshia Cole or Ciara? Let’s make this a clean debate people. On the other hand, fuck it, let’s get dirty on this one. Oh yea, after you read the debate, vote to tell us who really is the hottest.

King Jerm’s Pick: Keyshia Cole

Wow, this one shouldn’t even be close. Ciara is not in the same league as Keyshia. Okay maybe she can dance better, but that is where the buck stops. Keyshia’s face looks better, body is better, and can sing circles around Ciara. Look at the photos (except that Vibe cover of Ciara, photoshoped!) Ms. Cole is killing her. Ciara has the body of a 15 yr old…boy! While on the other hand, Keyshia has a nice body for a girl with a small frame. To top it off, Keyshia is from the Bay, and all of you know that those Oakland girls got it going on! Shout out to Pinky! I’m sorry I had to do this to him, but he asked for it. Did Keyshia ever have rumors about her being a transvestite, no; her womanhood has never been in question. The defense rests!

B-Easy’s Pick: Ciara

Damn, that’s fucked up. King Jerm is right about one thing, Ciara and Keyshia aren’t in the same league. In the race for top R&B chick, Keyshia Cole is not even in the running right now (Of course Beyonce is on top). Let’s look at awards: Ciara has over 14 awards including Grammy, MTV, & Soul Train. Keyshia I think has 1 Vibe award. Let’s not even go into who has the most album sales. I’ll be real with ya’ll, Keyshia Cole is cute. But she is probably the girl I would’ve snuck under the bleaches with in high school. Ciara is the girl I would of taken to the prom (Hey, she was cheerleader). Cole may have the bigger rack, but what Ciara lacks in booty or chest, she makes up for it by knowing how to use what she has. Didn’t Keyshia Cole say drug dealers used to pay for her to sing for them? You think that’s all the dealers bought? For some reason I think Miss Cole might have been ran through. Ciara is pretty, classier, and has that sweet girl charm that can be very sexy (Check out the “Promise” video)…well she is rumored to be messing with 50 Cent now. Fuck that, Ciara is still hotter.