The 50 Cent Maketing Plan


With a new album in stores on 9/11, 50 Cent has once again put his marketing team to work. You know with a new album comes new beef, and who has been in the mud more than 50 in his career. I decided to compare his releases and some of the stunts he’s pulled in his career.

Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ (2003)

Singles: “Wanksta”, “In Da Club”, & “Back Down”
Victims: Ja Rule, Murder Inc.
Impact: 7.5 million (U.S.), 12 million worldwide
This album took the wind out of the sails of Murder Inc. 50 even got Busta Rhymes to go at Jeff Atkins on a track! No one wanted to hear what Ja had to say for a while after this release. The streets were already tired of The Inc., but after 50 and crew got through, the ship had sunk!

The Massacre (2005)

Singles: “Candy Shop”, “Just A Lil Bit”, “Outta Control” & “Disco Inferno”
Victims: Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Ja Rule, Nas
Impact: 5 million (U.S.), 9.8 million worldwide
The sophomore slump was never even thought of on this project. The beef started with Jadakiss and Fat Joe because they participated on “New York” with Ja Rule. 50 let out some scathing diss songs, but to put one on the album, simply genius!

Curtis (2007)

Singles (So far): “Straight To The Bank”, “Amusement Park”, “Fully Loaded Clip”, “I Get Money”, & “Ayo Technology”
Victims: Cam’ron, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West
Impact: ?
After dropping 5 singles before your album drops is amazing. What is even more amazing is that nobody took the bait. First it was Cam and he didn’t have enough star power to drop off of his beef. Then he took shots at Wayne, but no reply. Finally he decides to challenge Kanye in a sales competition, threatening to retire if he loses. It finally produced some buzz when Kanye decided to go along with the PR campaign.