Song of the Week: 50 Cent – “Surrounded by Hoes”

Do we give 50 Cent enough flowers? Of course, the Queens rapper is still doing well these days in terms of business moves and (I can only assume) money, but let’s not forget that Curtis basically ran the early 2000’s. Today’s Song of the Week is just another example of that.

“Surrounded by Hoes” is just one of the many catchy songs released during 50 Cent’s mixtape run (This one specifically is from 50 Cent Is The Future). And like most of those songs, it was basically a remix with “Surrounded by Hoes” taking from “Round & Round” by Jonell. I barely remember Jonell and the only reason I can recall “Round & Round” is because the song was on Hi-Tek’s album with the remix with Method Man appearing on the How High soundtrack.

“Surrounded by Hoes” wouldn’t be ranked high on the “Top 50 Cent Mixtape” tracks but it will get stuck in your head while also showing off 50’s charisma (“I ain’t giving niggas more than 16 for a motherfuckin freestyle/The fuck you want for free, man?”). Check out the Song of the Week below. 50 Cent was the future.