Rappers Making Songs About Eating P***y


Today’s topic is a weird one to talk about. I really don’t know how to go into it, but here goes. In the last two weeks or so, I’ve heard two songs about a certain subject. You know, let’s just cut the bullshit, the subject I’m talking about is rappers making whole songs about… going down on women. Not saying that’s a terrible thing, it’s just crazy to here entire songs about diving in head first…literally. The first song I heard recently is when I did the review on N.O.R.E.’s new album Noreality. He had a song on there featuring Peedi Crak and Tru Life called…you guessed it “Eat P***y”. In this song all three thug rappers go for broke in talking about there love for eating…um pie. Now I know what some of you are saying, “B-Easy, haven’t you heard of 2 Live Crew, Lil’ Kim, or even DJ Jimmy?” Yea, but I guess it’s just weird because these male rappers that are rapping about…going downtown, they aren’t Akinyele or anything, the sex talk really isn’t there niche. Then, today I heard Lil’ Wayne’s new one, “P***y Monster” (Maybe not new I guess, the song is from a recent live performance). Weezy has always been upfront about his love for giving the oral pleasures to the ladies, but a whole song? I know Biggie talked about, Pun talked about it, shit, even Jay-Z has called him self a “clit licker” on “It’s Hot”, but is making whole songs about this the new thing? Who knows, in the past there has been an abundance of song by male rappers talking about getting head form chicks, maybe this is just some leveling out. Check out the songs below and judge for yourself if there hot or not.

Download: N.O.R.E. feat. Peedi Peedi & Tru Life – “Eat P***y”

Download: Lil’ Wayne – “P***y Monster”