Song of the Week: Jeru the Damaja – “Come Clean”


Hip-Hop really misses some heads man (by the way, his new CD is quite nice.). I remember when rap was ill ass rhymes, simple beats, and crazy bass. The 808 was the shit. I’m a simple man. Don’t get it twisted tho, just the beat, just the rhymes won’t cut it. It takes that perfect combination to have me break my neck. This weeks song is the epitome of that perfection. It’s one of the few songs, folks only need to hear .5 seconds before they get hyped up. The way it came on used to let you know it was bout to go down. It’s the perfect song for the workout, or when you bout to bust somebody in they fuckin eye. People slept on dude, but to have this as one of your greatest hits is a feat. Its easily one of the greatest songs in the history of Hip-Hop. Man, I remember when this shit came on at the house parties. It was THAT song. Hell, even his fucking name is dope. Jeru, the Damaja. DAMN. The Damaja? Yo, he was NOT playin son. If you have heard this album, you know he wasn’t playin with this hit either. Dude was gifted. Now, without further ado, get busy with, “Come Clean”. Its so Hip-Hop. Woooooo!

Download: Jeru the Damaja – “Come Clean”

Album: The Sun Rises in the East
Released: May 25, 1994
Label: Fontana Island