Had A Spark When You Started, Now You Just Garbage: Ice Cube


We had to bring this segment back, this time with a new honoree to add to the Hall of Shame! The lucky winner this time is Ice Cube! After becoming the face of the early 90’s generation, Cube went to Hollywood and began a career in acting. Now there is nothing wrong with him leaving rap to act, he just needs to stick with one or the other. Today he is a far better actor than he is a rapper. But let’s turn the clock back 18 years when he was still a member of NWA. He was the backbone of the crew, writing most of the lyrics, and really the only one that could rap. After having some money issues he decided to go solo and that is where he began his rise to the top. After releasing what many think to be one of the best albums of all-time AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, Cube embodied what every young black male was facing in the good ole USA. After that album dropped he then went on to drop four more solo joints and one with Westside Connection before he started gravitating towards Hollywood. Ice Cube was a “Gangsta,” now he is a guy that makes PG movies that are safe for the family. Not that it’s anything wrong with that, because he has kids. The problem is this; don’t make “gangsta” music anymore if you are not a “gangsta.” I give guys passes all the time, but I had to call Cube out! I used to jam a Cube song every now and then, but honestly, have you heard some of his music lately? It’s garbage! I like seeing guys go out in style instead of being forced out. Nice Cube is digging his own grave. So let’s welcome the newest member to the club…Ice Cube! You had a spark when you started, now you just garbage!