Song of the Week: D-Nice – “Call Me D-Nice”


When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop? Probably the dopest question ever asked in a movie and I take it to heart. I took the opportunity for the Song of the Week to answer this question. Summer of 1990, bootleggin’ was the shit. Dudes had cassettes with the print on BOTH sides and the cover art. Chic-O-Sticks was the snack, and it was all about the chrome rocker pannels with ya name on it BEFORE Breed made it radio friendly. We walked down to the swap meet, randomly picked some tapes. Song 2, side A…My Name is D-nice although I hate to admit it, takin out you suckas and you don’t know how I did it…

Download: D-Nice – “Call Me D-Nice”

Album: Call Me D-Nice
Released: June 1990
Label: Jive