Song of the Week: Lil’ Kim – “Queen Bitch”

I used to have the biggest crush on Lil’ Kim back in the day. Nah, you don’t understand, I thought she was that THING! When I met her at an album signing and she signed my Hard Core poster, yeah that one, I was in LOVE son!

With all that aside, this has to be one of Kim’s rawest songs. She let everyone know that she could spit some gutter rhymes. But what makes the song classic is Biggie’s cameo. “You niggas got some audacity/you sold a million, now you half of me/get off my d*ck/kick it b*tch!” Rumor has it (B-Easy) that Puffy wouldn’t allow Big to appear on a lot of songs because of his contract. Since people don’t think we recognize the females enough, here is my favorite female MC, Lil’ Kim with “Queen Bi*tch”!