Song of the Week: Lil Kim – “Came Back For You”

We are a day late, but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIL’ KIM!

Picking “Came Back For You” as Song of the Week was just an excuse. We could have gone with “Queen Bitch” (my favorite Lil’ Kim song) or even the remix of Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” (Easily Kim’s best verse), but those two songs have already been Songs of the Week before.

That’s not to say “Came Back For You” isn’t a dope song because it is. For one, it was produced by none other than Kanye West. That explains the soulfulness of the track, with Kimberly rapping over “Didn’t We” by Irene Reid.

This was also the song where Kim (sneak) dissed both Foxy Brown (“It’s enough I have to put up with this Doo Doo Brown chick”) and Eve (“Even being number two, your chances are slim”), the latter which I didn’t even know until years later. If nothing else, “Came Back For You” is at least one of Lil’ Kim’s top five songs.

Like I said, this Song of the Week was just to give props to the only rapper I had on my wall growing up. And yes, her legs were spread open. Happy belated birthday, Big Momma.