Nick Minaj – Sucka Free [Mixtape]


After posting about the Nick Minaj ad (Nicki Minaj = Lil’ Kim?), we got a lot of e-mails about the actual mixtape and ask if we’re gonna review it. Well, as you might not know, Me and Jerm decided early on that we wasn’t gonna review mixtapes anymore (we have done only like 4 or 5) a well as greatest hits compliations (We have only done 1: Biggie’s). So, I finally heard it today. What’s my thoughts about? Even though, I do think Nicki has talent, it seems to me like Wayne is getting his Biggie/Kim & Jay-Z/Foxy on. What’s that mean? Well, as you all may know, Wayne is a BIG Jay-Z and B.I.G. fan, and I think Weezy is just living out what his idols have already done.

Now as for the actual mixtape; even though Nicki comes from Queens, NY, she sounds a lot like Wayne. Like I said earlier, she has talent but even her delivery is reminiscent of him. Nicki Minaj (or Nicki Lewinsky as she calls herself) reminds me a lot like Lil’ Kim when it comes to content, over Gucci Maine’s “Freaky Gurl” she rhymes; “Um, let me think/What could I do to kick it off?/How bout I cum all on you dick/And then I lick it off?” While this will sure to have the dope boys going crazy, it’s really not going to bring anything new to the current sad state of female MC’s. The mixtape is still fun as has Weezy, Jadakiss, & Ransom showing up as guest spots to help out. Even though she is not the rebirth of Ms. Hill, she’s young, she has sex appeal for the fellas, and has a co-sign from Wayne, and can at least recite rhymes. Don’t be surprised if she is leading the pack of females rappers sooner than you think. Oh yeah, check out & download the full mixtape below. Now, another question asked to me; Why didn’t she use the ad for the mixtape cover? You asking the wrong person…

Download: Nicki Minaj – Sucka Free Mixtape