Nicki Minaj feat. Drake & Lil’ Wayne – “No Frauds” [Video]

It feels like the Nicki Minaj versus Remy Ma beef was so long ago. Still, Nicki does something with “No Frauds” that Remy didn’t do with her diss songs “SHEther” or “Another One”; she made a music video. Nicki has fun with Drake at a party in London while stateside Nicki sits in dual thrones with Lil’ Wayne (Apparently Weezy wasn’t granted access into London).

As far as shots go, the music video doesn’t go the route of say like a “Dre Day” and hire a funny looking fake Remy Ma stand in or anything. The biggest (and pettiest) shot may be Nicki actually featuring Remy Ma’s former best friend, Rah Ali, in the video. Directed by Benny Boom.