King Jerm Interviews Sonny Rich


First you had Petey Pablo, and then you had Little Brother, now the next dude up for NC is Sonny Rich. While his story might mirror some of the other stories you heard, his is a little different. Sonny put in some work overseas, not for some Mafioso, but for Uncle Sam. But things have been different for Sonny since those days. He’s got a record deal with KeepLock Ent., a single buzzing in the streets, and an album (The V.I.R.U.S) that just dropped on May 20th. If you don’t know Sonny, now might be a good time to get acquainted.

King Jerm: What’s good Sonny Rich! How’s everything been going?

Sonny Rich: Good, just been promoting and pushing this new album that dropped May 20th, staying on that everyday grind.

I see you from NC, what part? I’m from Greensboro! Shout out to all my NC cats!

Charlotte! 1500 Block Wilmore and West Blvd.

What did it take for you to get where you are now?

Patience! A whole lot of patience!

You spent some time in Iraq, a true SOLDIER, how was it over there? Big shouts to everybody in the armed forces!

It’s a lot worse than they portray. You couldn’t pay me to go back; I have survived it twice.

You got a good buzz going on, how does that feel?

It feels like about time; I have been doing this every since 99. A lot of my friends from the services and all over have been leaving me messages on MySpace saying “about time”.

Heard the single “Stunners” and it’s hot. The song got the clubs on fire when it drops. Are you leaning more to the clubs or are you coming with lyricism?

I put lyricism to everything I do no matter if it’s a club or street record. Some people feel like you can’t be lyrical when it comes to club songs “I just make good music”.

What’s the name of your upcoming album? When does it drop?

The V.I.R.U.S (“The Voice Inside Rebellious Urban Soldier”). The album dropped May 20th through my label Keeplock Entertainment and Universal Fontana Distribution.  I need all my people support; you can purchase a copy at FYE, Best Buy and even download it on iTunes. If you like good music, go get you a copy it’s in stores now!

What can we expect from The V.I.R.U.S?

What’s missing from the game a consistent album from the intro and to the outro you get good music.

To switch gears a bit, who were some of the people that influenced you to rap?

Scarface, Biggie, Jay, and Andre 3000.

Do you listen to any artists out now? Who?

Jeezy, B.O.B, and myself. I listen to myself a lot because I am a perfectionist; I like to analyze my own music to see how I can perfect my own skills.

I see you didn’t want any features on your album, why was that?

The first album I wanted people to know me and my label. Those guys are already known! I am here to introduce the world to Sonny and what I have to bring.

Do you look forward to working with any artists?

Yes, I would love to work with Fifty, Jay, and Lil’ Wayne.

So we know you got the album coming out, but what’s on deck for Sonny Rich?

There are so many good things in the work for me I feel truly Blessed. Appearing in major publications XXL, Ozone, The Source, just to name a few, Summer Jams in Little Rock, Arkansas and Toledo, Ohio, DUB Car Show Tour, CMA Nominee, Video Number 1 independent on Billboard, B.E.T. Break through Artist, new mix tape with DJ Chuck T and also look out for Columbia Motion Picture The Taking of Pelham 123 were you will find “The V.I.R.U.S.” and “Sonny Rich” advertisement decorated in the subway cars they’re using to film the movie in. I have so much going on I am very overwhelmed I can’t mention it all, but there is  one thing I want to do is give thanks and shout outs to all those DJ and supporters.

It was good to sit down and talk with you Sonny. You are always welcome here at! Good luck in the future!

Thanks Man, I was much honored!