DMF of the Week: 40 GLOCC


This week I had to pull out my roasting pan and throw somebody in the fryer! The lucky person this time is…40 GLOCC! How are you going to YouTube (or Dailymotion) a video about you snatching Tyga’s chain? First off, Tyga isn’t even a STREET dude! You don’t get a ratings boost for that one. The guy you robbed doesn’t even pretend to be hard. I’m not trying to take up for him, but do you know how STUPID you look bragging about taking his chain. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know who you were and thought you was just robbing him. Why didn’t you go after a live nigga? I am glad to report that he has given the chain back, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he is the dumb motherfu…uh, DMF of the Week! Congratulations 40 GLOCC! (Check out the video below)

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