Doja Cat feat. Tyga – “Juicy” [Video]

My favorite current female rapper (It has nothing to do with rap) Doja Cat drops the remix and music video to her hit song “Juicy. I already liked the other visuals she dropped for “Juicy” via A COLORS SHOW but this proper one is dope too. A few thoughts:

In this video, Doja Cat looks like Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite from the “Groove Is in the Heart.” You got to be a certain age to appreciate that reference.

I wonder why Doja chose Tyga to jump on this track. I feel like another female rapper would have fit better. Was Lizzo or Megan Thee Stallion not available?

Doja Cat also looks like Poison Ivy in this music video.

In one of the scenes, Doja Cat’s booty is covered by an animated cherry. Go on over to her Instagram (or our Tumblr) to see the uncensored version.

Speaking of Doja’s body, she continues to be deceptively thick.

“Juicy” should have been a bigger hit. Especially during Hot Girl Summer. Hopefully, this new video will give it a boost in popularity.