Site News: Status


Wow, it’s been a while since I used the “We Want Easy” logo (I was gonna put a big ass there to make y’all read this, but whatever). I think I’m gonna start posting the status of the site every now and then. If you all read the Joe Budden/”Who” post, you know I went in a little about whats going on. First of all I like to thank Dark Angel (I don’t know if she want me to put her government name out there). Once again, you may think people don’t donate but… I guess I can go ahead and update you on the ‘fro (That’s what SBK calls it).

T-Shirts Are COMING!!!!
Yes, finally we have gotten a handle on the official nappyafro T-Shirts. We’re currently talking to vendors, manufactures, and such (If anyone knows any good deals hit us up though). When we get them we will probably give some away before we start selling them.

Banned From Wikipedia?
Yea, I don’t now what the fuck is going on with that either. We had a page at one time that somebody put up as well as our review links. A reader told us we was banned and at first we didn’t believe him, but low and behold… If you a Wikipedia editor and your reading this, hit us up. We legit homie.

iPhone Optmized
I was wondering if anybody would prefer our site having a version just for mobile devices (iPhones/iPod Touch/Blackberry/etc.). I see some of y’all hitting up the site on some of these devices so if anybody likes this idea, we got it installed we just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Video Game Developers
This may sound weird but me and Jerm are working on something for the site and are wondering if any of our loyal (and intelligent) readers have any background in video game programming, Visual C+++, or anything like that. You don’t even have to be professional with it. We just need to pick a few brains and ask a few questions. Thats all about that for now. Once again, hit us up if you can help.

New Search Page
Have you see our new “Black” search page? If not, it’s not a big deal. It’s just the little things sometimes you know?

I kid about the donation thing but you can contribute in other ways. On the front page, you can always enter to win a trip to Vegas or college scholarship. Enter as many time as you like or even enter your cousin you never even knew you had (huh?).

The Squad (-1)
I’m here. King Jerm is always here. Thic Flair has always been down. SBK has returned. H20 never left. It feels like we missing somebody. Oh yea, Ddot. He family, but he is still sidelined after getting jumped by 2 big girls a few weeks ago after an altercation over a bucket of KFC chicken. We wish him a speedy recovering. Ddot I know your ego is bruised but you can always come home. As the staff page says, we are The Notorious Staff.

That’s basically it. Once again thanks for the support and tell your friends.