The Lost Tapes Of 26 Things

I noticed that the title says 26, but we only had 21. When I was going through my computer, I found the last 5. I wonder why these were not included on the list. Well, I don’t like to keep the fans waiting, here is the final 5 to complete the list. King Jerm style of course!

Note: This is only a joke. I understand that sarcasm doesn’t translate well into words.

Get arrested at least one time.
How are you going to really consider yourself Hip-Hop if you don’t get bagged by police? All the greats have had their time behind bars. Biggie, Pac, Gucci, T.I., Freakey Zeekey, and Rass Kass. Plus, once you get knocked you will have a so much to talk about and your reputation will be on the rise.

Sell or use drugs.
I’m not saying sell/use any drug, just the ones that are Hip-Hop approved. Weed, X, Alcohol, syrup, and maybe a little cocaine. I wouldn’t suggest for you to go off the deep end and try anything hardcore like crack, heroin, or that crystal meth. That isn’t Hip-Hop at all. That is strictly for the rockers and metal heads.

Sag your pants below your waistline.
What a liberating feeling. You don’t know real Hip-Hop until you have sagged your pants so low that you have to walk like a penguin.  What is more Hip-Hop than seeing another man’s boxers? I can’t think of anything that comes close to it. Look, if you haven’t did it…DO IT! Especially now since its illegal in a lot of cities.

Bust a gun/shoot somebody.
90% of rappers talk about busting a gun or shooting someone. If everyone is doing it…it must be Hip-Hop. Look at the latest trend: T.I. gets in trouble for what…GUNS. Remy Martin gets in trouble for what….GUNS. Shyne gets in trouble for what…GUNS. I guess it’s real violent in those Hip-Hop Hoods, because everyone is packing and busting shots at people.

Make it rain in the strip club.
What is more Hip-Hop than taking 500-1000 dollars and throwing it on half naked women? Really, can you think of anything better than that? The endorphins your body releases while doing it is intoxicating. Not to mention that you just threw money out to a woman that would have gotten naked regardless. But knowing that while you are at home eating some Ramen Noodles that you could have went and spent that money elsewhere. Now what is more Hip-Hop than that.