The Return

Sometimes things gotta be taken away from you to truly understand what they mean. These past days have really been insightful. If you visit nappyafro on a regular basis, then you know that for the past two days the site has been “temporarily unavailable”.
What happened? Well, the crazy thing is, I still not fully sure what the hell happened. I mean, we’ve gotten some “cease & desist” letters before; a lot of Hip-Hop sites do. But when you get home and find that UPS has delivered a stack of papers saying how you are infringing on copyrights, that’s crazy (Especially seeing that we paid extra for domain & hosting privacy).

So yeah, one of the things that got us shut down is a zSHARE link…to one song…that turned out to be a dead link. I’m not even gonna say what record company or what review we did to sparked the problem. So was it really about that? Did we also get papers insinuating that certain some companies don’t like that we don’t necessarily give their products good ratings? Maybe?

Does this change the way we do stuff here at nappyafro? HELL NO! One thing I explained to King Jerm about us getting back up: If we get back the site back up and have to stop giving the ratings we want to give or have to water down what we do, why do it? We have to stay true to the vision we have for So yeah, we still here and we will continue to do what we been doing for the past 2 years.

Thanks to everybody who sent e-mails to us as well as the readers that rushed back when we returned. I also like to give much respect to Kevin at (Dude was ready to launch a full investigation!) and Steve at (He was mad like it was his site!). And last but never least, I like to thank the crew here at nappyafro; you all are my brothers (Thic Saule was ready to do whatever, H20 was freaking out, and SBK came out of hiding).  Well, enough of the sappy stuff. WE BACK BITCHES!