Willie The Kid – “No Fly Zone”


I don’t know if you guys know this or not but, B-Easy is away for a week (allegedly sick) but from what I heard it went down like this…2 PIECE & A BISCUIT. I’m not talking about Popeyes’ neither! Since he is gone I can almost guarantee no mentions of that guy from Marcy, unless H2O shows his true colors. Judging by his comments about the latest song leaked from Blueprint 3, I’m sure he’ll make sure the streak stays alive. We received an email from the Aphilliates Management that had a nice song attached by Willie the Kid. I’m going to be honest, I don’t check for WTK, but I listened to the track and I liked it. I remember WTK having some issues with Weezy, and being a Wayne fan, I took his side. I guess I have to give the guy a second chance now. This song if off his upcoming mixtape The Fly. Props to Johnathan Jelks for dropping this one off. Hope you guys like it.

Download: Willie the Kid – “No Fly Zone”