Lil’ Boosie – Superbad: The Return Of Boosie Bad Azz [Review]

Lil’ Boosie is an interesting artist. Although he isn’t one of the most lyrically inclined, he’s well-known and mostly respected after almost 10 hard earned years in the game. If you ask, most people will identify Boosie by his high-pitched voice which sets him apart from sounding repetitive among other artists. I personally can say I like Lil’ Boosie. After all, the streets of Alabama fuck with him the long way. But even after dropping a Gold record, Bad Azz still hasn’t hit that commercial comfort-ability which all artists strive for. Apparently a Pimp C cosign isn’t enough to put you in the limelight. It’s been 3 years since he last dropped a solo record and the game has changed significantly, but Boosie Bad Azz is back for round 2 with Superbad and he’s looking for a Platinum plaque.

1. My Avenue
Featuring Lil’ Phat & Lil’ Trill; Produced by The Runners
The album jump starts on an captivating, but familiar track by The Runners. It reminds me too much of “Out Here Grindin’”, but it works. The sample used on the hook is attracting and kind of makes you want to repeat it. Lyrically, Boosie hasn’t missed a step with rhymes that… almost… sound… like… I’ve… heard… them… somewhere… hmmm. Nevertheless, he rides the track enough to keep me entertained; Lil’ Phat & Lil’ Trill, not so much. The beat over powers Lil’ Phat as he mumbles (Not that he’s saying much) and Lil’ Trill sounds like he tried to imitate Boosie’s flow and verse. Overall, the track & hook carries this into “good intro” territory. I’m just glad there wasn’t any talking.

2. Top Notch
Featuring Lil’ Phat & Mouse; Produced by Mouse
I have to give credit to Mouse. I like pretty much all he produces. It’s never boring and can actually be differentiated from his other works unlike some producers (See Track 1). The title says it all lyrically as there’s more shit talking continued on from “My Avenue” (Track 1). Money, cars, bitches, ice; it’s here. You’re not going to remember these verses, but the hook works and the track bounces! I could definitely vibe with this when I’m about to hit the club, at the club, leaving to club etc. Cool song.

3. Better Believe It
Featuring Webbie & Young Jeezy; Produced by Mouse
The first single off the track just happens to be an instant classic. Mouse delivers on the track once again with a beast. This is a hood anthem and will be for a while. All three deliver a hot verse coupled with a nice hook. Personally, Webbie stole the show from Boosie and Jeezy with the best verse I’ve heard from him since Savage Life 2. This is the best track off the album.

4. Lawd Have Mercy
Produced by Guss
This is the Boosie that the streets ride for. When he starts spitting from the heart about his hood and his problems, he wins. This is that occasion and we get three very satisfying verses. You have to think, “I feel this dude…” But unfortunately we have a problem. The hook is terrible! It annoys the shit out of me. The track is ok; nothing noteworthy. The verses here keep me coming back, but I can’t cosign the hook & beat.

5. I’m A Dog
Featuring Lil’ Phat; Produced by B Real
The whole “I’m A Dog” deal should have died by now, but we have another one. The track is forgettable with a “woof” every 4 seconds and the hook just reiterates the fact that Boosie is a dog. Skip.

6. No Mercy
Produced by B Real
Right off, I’m not feeling the track. I feel I’ve heard it before in some form or fashion. Boosie is alright on the verses, but he fails on the hook. This is good riding music, but…. Can I say filler???

7. Levi’s
Featuring Lil’ Phat & Webbie; Produced by B Real
As a dude that loves his Levi’s, I was excited to see a Levi anthem on the album. The track is cool; laid back and sounds like a “smoke to this” type. At this point, I can’t say that I like Lil’ Phat. I don’t remember him being this bad on Savage Life 2, but his verse sucks and almost ruins the song with the hook. Once again Webbie steals the show with his verse which is pretty good. Boosie puts up a really questionable line “Levis & tighty whities keep my dick real hard!” uhhhh… ok? Overall the song’s alright.

8. Bullshit
Produced by Big Wayne
“BULLSHIT!!!” I had to say it! The song isn’t bullshit at all, but the hook makes you want to say it. The track is really good. The keyboard/piano goes hard as hell and it plays out in all the right places in addition to riding out for about 50 seconds at the end. Boosie drops some nice verses and doesn’t waste the beat. It’s more of that real shit we want to hear, but it works here unlike “Lawd Have Mercy” (Track 4). I really like this one.

9. Who Can Love U
Featuring Bobby Valentino; Produced by Nard & B
Nard & B come correct here with the mandatory track for the ladies. Meanwhile, Bobby V kills the hook quoting both melody and lyrics from Keith Sweat’s “Nobody”. Hook? Check. Track? Check. Verses? At first I was anxious to see how Boosie could do, but he definitely does his job. Also, Bobby V kills his verse! This has got to be a single. There should be a spike in sales after this drops because this is hot!

10. Miss Kissin On You
Featuring Trina & KaDe; Produced by B-Real
To this day, I don’t understand the tactics of putting slow songs one after another. Luckily this song wins in all aspects. B-Real does a nice job of making a grind-worthy track for the lovers out there. And the song can only benefit from a Trina verse! KaDe has the smallest part on the song, a repeating loop of “You”, but it sounds really good. Go Boosie for having two satisfying slow songs in a row.

11. Pain
Produced by BJ
From the title I knew this was going to be good. The first line drops and you know this song is heartfelt from top to bottom. Boosie definitely stepped out of his comfort zone taking on this track; it’s nothing I expected to hear him on. The singing on the hook is so strong & just makes the song as a whole more soulful. From family problems, to the woes of the hood, to the evil thoughts behind this all, this is true gangsta shit. “I finally moved out my moms house, got a happy home, only thing fucked up…. Daddy gone.”

12. Loose As A Goose
Featuring Foxx & Mouse; Produced by B Real
Man, I love this song! This is what you call mood music at its finest! Every time I hear this song I want to hit the shot glasses and pull off to the club! Play this shit at the club/party??? It goes stupid!!! Track is electric and thumps, the verses are fitting and energetic, hook is catchy and fun. This song is a straight banger!

13. Clips And Choppers
Featuring Lil’ Phat; Produced by B Real
This is the guilty pleasure of the album. The hook is too trivial, but at the same time it’s infectious to death. I was singing it all day after hearing the song. The track has that piano I love so much accompanied by a little thump that would make any trunk happy. Boosie’s verses mesh with the beat really well making this a winner. Lil’ Phat still sucks.

14. Bank Roll
Produced by BJ
I can’t say that I like this song much. The track is menacing and has this alarm sounding effect on top of it which is good, but overall the hook and verses make this just a little bit too forgettable. I dig the track, but this is straight filler.

15. Crayola
Produced by BJ
I remember when this leaked on a mixtape a couple months ago. I didn’t like it then. I don’t really like it now. Boosie’s color metaphors/similes aren’t good at all. The hook sucks too. Skip.

16. Mind of A Maniac
Produced by Shonta
I remember when this leaked on a mixtape a couple months ago. I liked it then. I like it now. I’m glad Boosie decided to end the album with what he’s known best for. Violent shit, street shit, REAL SHIT! The track is somber and relentless and acts as the perfect backdrop for Boosie to drop these introspective lines about how the hood has turned him into a “Maniac”. The hook is hard as hell too. Superbad ends on an excellent note. “In these streets they murder mane/And Boosie he a target./So me, I got my 40 when I’m shittin on the toilet.”

Bottom Line
Boosie expressed his desire to get a plaque with HipHopDX a couple of weeks ago. If there was any project he would achieve that plaque for, it would be Superbad. Controversially speaking, this is Bossie’s best work. As an artist, Boosie may not have grown much, but I can certainly say he has become more marketable in today’s game. He serves for the commercial side of his fanbase as well as his hardcore fanbase; both should leave happy. From the ignorant shit, to the ladies, to the “Maniac” we’ve come to know over the years, it’s all here. It flows from one subject to another; you never feel like you’re stuck in the same topic song after song. New fans? Maybe. But it doesn’t matter because Boosie’s cult following is going to eat this up, including me.

nappyPicks: “Better Believe It”, “Who Can Love You”, “Pain” “Maniac”

Download: Lil’ Boosie – “Pain”