Song of the Week: Boosie Badazz – “Cancer”


This week, the entertainment world lost two legends. Actor, Alan Rickman and singer, David Bowie passed this week unexpectedly due to complications of cancer. Hearing their cause of death hits close home for me as my mother battled cancer and overcame it as did my cousin, unfortunately, two of my aunts were unable to battle for long. To pay respect to them and the many others that have fell to this deadly disease I chose a firsthand survivor’s tale from one of my favorites at taking listeners on a ride through life’s high and low moments.

From surviving the streets of Baton Rouge, to making it out of Angola without a needle in his arm, 2015 was supposed to be Boosie’s year with his release from imprisonment and the release of his comeback album, Touchdown To Cause Hell, but a diagnosis nearly ended it all. An Instagram post came and went at the end of last year from Boosie Badazz that announced that he had cancer. Conversations about whether or not he had it began, but doubters and fans got a definite answer when again through Instagram he reported the entire process from finding cancer on his kidney and having surgery to remove it. From his In My Feelings (Goin Through It) project, a snapshot of this woeful moment in his life comes the straight forward titled, “Cancer”. God bless those that have and are living with this burden and Rest In Heavenly Peace to those we have lost. Fuck Cancer!

If this is too dark, here’s a little light of hope with “Smiling To Keep From Crying”. Be on the lookout for the Baton Rouge rapper’s next project on Feb 1, the hopefully more joyous, Out My Feelings (In My Past).