Revisted: Leprechaun In Mobile, Alabama

St. Patrick’s Day have never really meant anything to me. Since I’m not a drinker or even remotely Irish, it never was a big deal. Hell, according to King Jerm, Black folks shouldn’t even celebrate the “holiday”.

But for the past few years when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, one thing comes to mind: Mobile, Alabama. Yes Mobile, you took an L the day NBC 15 sent a camera crew down to investigate some leprechaun sightings. And over 13,ooo,ooo YouTube views later it’s still one of the most funny & ignorant things on the net. Everything is here to make this a viral video classic: You have your famous quotes (“Who else seen the leprechaun say yea!”), the “amateur” sketch, or even the theory that instead of a leprechaun it could be a crackhead. South Park even gave it a parody (I wonder did dude get money off of that?).

So yea, this is what I think about when St. Patrick’s Day comes to mind. Besides, the only leprechaun I know is in Houston (See what I did there?).

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