We’ve Been Sold!

I’m sorry to inform our readers BUT, nappyafro has been bought by a BIGGER website. Can’t say the name, but you guys will see. I didn’t want to sell, but B-Easy did, so we kind of had a falling out. I want to tell you guys that we have had ONE HELL of a run, but its all over now. Saule, SBK, H2O, Arkitekt..ya’ll still family, and who knows..we might start another site (minus B-Easy). One thing for sure is this..nappyafro is DONE! I want to thank each and every reader individually, but I don’t know all ya’ll names. The few I do know VG, Inf, DJLP, Boricua, Chew, TS, Rick James, and the rest of the gang…hopefully ya’ll will come to the new site…if we start a new one. I tell you big corporations love taking out the little guys. I found that out first hand. DEUCES!!!

Sidenote: Happy April Fools’ Day.