J. Cole – “Who Dat” (Live In Tampa) [Video]

A couple a weeks ago, I checked out the video where J. Cole debuted his new song “Who Dat” (At S.O.B.’s in New York). Even though the sound quality was terrible, the track still sounded like it would be a problem. Now we have another video of him performing the song in Tampa (At USF) and this time with better sound. And yes, it still sounds like a winner. “Can’t wait for the MP3” (c) DJ LP.

Update #1: F@ck it, I ripped the audio from the video and made it a mp3. It’ll have to do until the official version drops.

Update #2: Added J. Cole’s freestyle over “Ignorant Shit” because Vic D said so.

Download: J. Cole – “Who Dat” (Live In Tampa)
Bonus: J. Cole – “Ignorant Shit Freestyle”