Young Jeezy + Don Cannon = D-Boy Music

Just so it’ll be no confusion, let me state right now that I am not nor I have I every been a dope boy. Yea, I’ve had my brushes with the law but nothing to do with standing on the block all day or remotely even dealing with drug addicts.

So why did I put that disclaimer out there?

Because for the rest of this post I’m gonna talk about what happens when you put Young Jeezy over a beat produced by Don Cannon. Yea, you guess it: “D-Boy Music”. This occurred to me yesterday after the playing their lastet collaboration “D Boyz” off Trap Or Die II for the fifth time in a row. The only time I”m over the stove with a pot  is when I’m making Ramen noodles. But for some reason every time these two put out another anthem for the trap, I’m all for it. And why wouldn’t I; Mix Jeezy’s wordplay birdplay with a chopped up soul sample by Cannon and you got magic. Dopeboy Magic. Here’s to hoping there’s another one on Thug Motivation 103. Let’s get it!

Sidenote: For all those how still don’t believe Trap Or Die II was a good mixtape, “D Boy” is just more proof.

Download: Young Jeezy – “Go Crazy”
Download: Young Jeezy – “Mr. 17.5”
Download: Young Jeezy – “Circulate”
Download: Young Jeezy – “D Boyz”