Cyhi Da Prynce – “My Name Ring Bells”

I “try” to consume an ungodly amount of music. From reviews to submission to new stuff, I try to cover a lot. So about a week or so ago while working, this track came up on my iPod. Oh shit… what the fuck is this?

It’s not like I’ve never heard of Cyhi Da Prynce; I have. I checked out his mixtape a while back. I know he reps Stone Mountain and is signed to Konvict Music/Def Jam. I heard the Yelawolf feature. I saw the videos. I know about the Kanye co-sign. But for some reason I missed this song. And it’s a shame cause it was THIS song that finally make me take notice of CyHi.

Over a hard hitting beat, the effortless flow of CyHi is showcased: “No feelings for a woman, I’m the wrong on the cuddle with/I only show love to the people that I struggle with…”. I even love the audacity of using a sample of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech on a song with phrases like “black and white bitch, yea that my little Oreo” or “Cut a brick, bubble it, and double it”.

According to my iTunes, I’ve played this track 43 times since discovering it on my iPod. I think it’s worth a listen; fuck a late pass..

Download: Cyhi Da Prynce – “My Name Ring Bells”

Update: Replaced link with YouTube video