Pinky – “Bad Bitch” [Video]

Talk about a slow day, is doing a story about Pinky. Why Pinky? She just released her video, NO, not one of THOSE videos, but an actual RAP video with music and lyrics.

I don’t know if you know this, but Pinky has been really getting down with the raps for a while now. Before you dismiss her as a porn star trying to rap, she ACTUALLY sounds alright. Good production can make even some of the weakest rappers sound okay. Before you say that she represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with female MC’s today…SO! I’m not going to front and act like I am not a fan of her other work, I am, and have been one for years. While we at it, let me plug her mixtape Fuck You! Pay Me! with DJ Scream.

She has been talking about rapping for a minute, and I for one didn’t take her serious, but after seeing her video, I have to give her a puncher’s chance. Think about it: Pinky lives the life that Trina, Kim, and Foxy rapped about. So credibility isn’t a concern. Her rap style…sounds like a female Jim Jones: “you bitches getting played like a 360/I’m in the Rarri off white Spyder 360” or ”I’m moving in and out like a dopeboy/erryday ,all day getting dough boooy!”, if that ain’t a Jim Jones line!

She also isn’t afraid to show a lil’ skin to get male listeners like myself to watch her videos! A couple of questions I have after seeing “Bad Bitch” video…when is the collabo with B. Pumper? Ya’ll have had some chemistry on camera, now let’s see what will happen in the booth. Another question is if her and Nicki Minaj will get together and do a scene…I mean song. Pinky might not be a force to be reckoned with, but I wouldn’t put it past her if she puts out another Phatty’s, Rhymes, & Dimes starring her!