Curren$y – Pilot Talk II [Review]

Curren$y has had one of the most unique roads to success that can be found in the game. He has been signed to two of the most popular record labels based out of New Orleans; No Limit and tehn Cash Money. After being released from the newly formed Young Money in 2008 Spitta began to grind unlike never before. From ’08 to now Spitta has dropped 9 mixtapes, including one with Wiz Kahlifa, and three albums prior to this. His major label debut was released earlier this year. While Pilot Talk had a different sound, it did not result with big sales and most critics called it average at best.

While many know Spitta for his time over at Cash Money/Young Money, his style is nothing like that of Drake or Lil’ Wayne. Over the past three years Spitta has shown an avid appreciation to old school beats on mixtapes, and jazzy instrumentals that have the Big Easy feel to it. Although his sound is far from conventional, Spitta has been able to gain the support of some biggest executives in Hip-Hop. First he attained the attention of Master P, then Birdman & Weezy, and now Spitta has Dame Dash in his corner. Dame Dash has put his stamp on the young New Orleans rapper, and helped him with resources to create the work of Pilot Talk 2. Let us take a look at how the project is.

Airborne Aquarium
Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Nice Smooth beat that Spitta voice seems to blend with really nice: “Before I got on this beat it was on my bucket list”. Curren$y spits that fly shit on this beat nicely (“Calm my bad nerves call her my Ritalin”). Nice opening track!

Michael Knight
Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
This was the first single released from the album. Honestly I did not like it when I first heard it, but the way it flows from the first track to here, it was impossible to skip. I’m glad I didn’t either because it grew on me fast.The beat almost sounds like it can be the opening song for a car commercial. It is very smooth with Spitta once again spitting laid back lyrics.

Indo get rolled up like car windows,
Avoiding the policeman them Carl Winslows,
the wind blown in changed, and I am not mad
Ol’-Garbage-Bag rappers need ta find a style fast,
It’s written all over niggas like a Dapper Dan,
Survive rough lands, cactus plants growin in desert sands,
Alive I stand, never dead; though a nigga didn’t die
I got highed up so I could autograph the sky. . .

Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
“Kush smoke/ Money clothes hoes / Hurry up before the elevator door close /This that 1980 Marvin Gaye live at the Montreux”. By now you will notice that this album has a similar sound to the first Pilot Talk, but you will not find yourself bored (Which was the biggest complaint of the first Pilot Talk).

Produced by Monsta Beatz
The laid back jazzy vibe continues. Spitta tackles the subject of being famous and the haters. Nice track the stand out line is, “They be hustling backwards/ Like the jeans on criss cross, who you mack daddy or daddy mackin?

Flight Briefing
Featuring Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver; Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
This is my early favorite. It starts with a stewardess preparing passengers for a flight, Spitta gets it started nice with the first verse. Spitta has his homies on the track too but they don’t fit the song too well. If he would have done his first verse and left it alone it would have been better.

A Gee
Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Spitta pretty much talks about who he is and who he doesn’t want to be. Ski Beatz and him really work together well. The only thing I am not sure about Spitta is if he can stay on topic through out the entire verse. He is quite witty but seems to get lost in his mind and this track is a perfect example of that.

Real Estates
Featuring Dom Kennedy; Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
A nice track; again it’s a slower beat. Spitta spits about attaining what he desires here “Oceans in the back, Porsches in the Front”. Dom had a nice verse, not lyrically but his swag was crazy.

Featuring McKenzie Eddy; Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
The production on this track is amazing to me. Spitta only gives us one verse but it is great and the vocals from McKenzie Eddy fit perfect as well. Spitta goes off nicely.

As the joint burns, o the point that it stinging my fingers,
Tracks my talk show platform…
Part Phil Donahue part Jerry Springer
Momma come when I bring her..
She go where i send her.
Kept it trill from the beginning
From square 1 maintain square business
Don’t concern yourself with my minglin with otha bitches
So crafty, mastered the flow Alaska cold,
Silent foot assassin approach.
High when I stroll,
Not even leaving foot prints in the snow…
You know

Hold On
Featuring Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver; Nesby Phips
On this track Spitta once again talks about attaining what he desires but also finds himself reflecting on his life. This time his Jets ‘ members Roddy and Tademark bring it nicely.

Fashionably Late
Produced by Monsta Beatz
Another crazy beat. Spitta may have one of the most unique teams in the game. Nice!

Highed Up
Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
This is a track about the rappers who want to be where the N.O. artist is. Kind of boring on this one. Skip sometimes.

O.G…(The Jar)
Featuring Fiend; Produced by Drupey
“On trees, like an ornament at Christmas time”. Spitta raps on this one like he is extremely high or feenin’ to get there. Fiend sounds nice on here too.

Michael Knight (remix)
Featuring Raekwon; Produced by Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Same as the original but with an added Raekwon verse.

Bottom Line:
Curren$y dropped a really nice album here, but at times was scattered brained a little. I really like this album better than I liked the first Pilot Talk. His production was still jazz influenced and laid back, but it can sometimes border the boring factor. Overall I think this album will be hated by a lot but the Spitta fans will love it.