Nick Minaj On Saturday Night Live [Videos]

So last night Nicki Minaj was on Saturday Night Live and not only was she the musical guest, she was also in a couple of skits:

Lonely Island snagged a verse from Onika for their new song and music video “The Creep”. It wasn’t “I’m On A Boat” or “I Just Had Sex”, but it was resonable. John Waters also makes an appearance. Yea, John Waters.

With the other skit that Nicki Minaj appeared in, “Bride of Blackenstein”, SNL turned into In Living Color. The actual skit was so-so and had some high points but the good thing here is that it involved looking at Nicki’s ass a lot.

“That booty is a masterpiece of science”

Sidenote: You see that same wig in the performance for “Moment For Life”

As musical guest, Nicki Minaj preformed “Right Thru Me” & “Moment 4 Life”. Even though no Lil’ Wayne or Eminem  popped up to do “Romain’s Revenge”, she did well going for dolo (Which may have been for the best anyway).