Snoop Dogg – Doggumentary [Review]

This is Snoop’s 11th album and one thing you can say about Snoop is that he has managed to stay relevant over the course of his career. Whether you see Hollywood Snoop in movies or you catch him in LA at the Staples Center, Snoop is ALWAYS in the public eye. When Doggumentary first was dreamed up by Snoop he wanted this to be the sequel to his CLASSIC debut Doggystyle. That idea was canned (thankfully) and he decided to roll with the title as it is now.

1. Toyz N Da Hood
Featuring Bootsy Collins; Produced by Jake One
This one sounds so California that it ain’t even funny. This makes you want to jump in the 6-4 and head down La Brea blowing on that OG Kush. Nice intro.

2. The Way Life Used to Be
Produced by Battlecat
Snoop and Battlecat team up to bring you the next jam and it sounds exactly like what you think it would. This is perfect C-Walking music for the ones that still do it.

3. My Own Way
Featuring Mr. Porter; Produced by Mr. Porter
Mr. Porter production switches up the tone and delivers a banger for the Snoop. The hook and the beat make the song for me.

4. Wonder What It Do
Featuring Uncle Chucc; Produced by Battlecat
Snoop and Battlecat are at it again and just like before they are giving you some straight California music. Make no bones about it, but it looks like Snoop is making this one for the home state.

5. My Fuckin’ House
Featuring Young Jeezy & E-40; Produced by Rick Rock
Oh my we have a Young Jeezy sighting! You can tell that Snoop switched up the beat to accommodate Jeezy. I used to love to hear Jeezy talk that trap shit, now it feels like he is trying too hard. He even got Snoop talking that trap shit on the track, and he doesn’t sound like the Snoop we know.

6. Peer Pressure
Featuring Traci Nelson; Produced by Fredwreck
Good thing we got back to the Cali music that we are used to hearing from Snoop. He even seems more comfortable on the track than he did on the previous song.

7. I Don’t Need No Bitch
Featuring Devin the Dude & Kobe; Produced by DJ Khalil
Snoop, what are you implying something on this song? This song does have a nice beat to it and this features Devin The Dude and the song vibes with Devin and what he brings to the table. I was hoping this was going to be Kobe…but it’s not that KOBE.

8. Platinum
Featuring R. Kelly; Produced by Lex Luger
This beat was not intended for Kellz and Snoop. Ross would have killed this beat. This just doesn’t fit right on a Snoop album. But don’t sleep on Snoop…he sped it up for you and showed that he still can rap.

9. Boom
Featuring T-Pain; Produced by Scott Storch
Snoop and Teddy Pinherassdown team up for this one, and I can honestly say that I’m not feeling this one. T-Pain couldn’t even help this song out, but it’s mostly because the beat is GARBAGE!

10. We Rest N Cali
Featuring Goldie Locc & Bootsy Collins; Produced by Mr. Porter
This is another one of those Cali tracks that was crafted for people in the Golden State. I guess they are different from the rest of the country because all their music has that sound. Good to see Goldie Locc and Snoop get back together on a song again.

11. El Lay
Produced by Scoop Deville
This is another anthem for LA. I can see this being played at the Lakers game or at the Dodgers game. Snoop put it on for his city on this track. I can’t be mad at him for this one at all!

12. Gangbang Rookie
Featuring Pilot; Produced by Jake One
The production on this one is SICK! I can listen to the instrumental of this one ALL DAY! Props go out to Jake One for the BANGER!

13. This Weed Iz Mine
Featuring Wiz Khalifa; Produced by Scoop Deville
Wiz and Snoop on a track together…what are the odds that WEED will be the subject? 100%! I would love to hang out with these cats just to see how much fun we could have!

14. Wet
Produced by The Cataracs
This was the song that Snoop made ESPECIALLY for Prince William’s bachelor party. Pretty impressive if you ask me, not the song but what Snoop did. This might put you in the mind of “Sexual Eruption Seduction” but it’s not as good.

15. Take U Home
Featuring Too Short, Kokane, & Daz Dillenger; Produced by Meech Wells & Soul Mechanix
Snoop goes back to a sound that he is more familiar with on this track. Too Short comes through and drops his usual sixteen and Daz makes an appearance on the track that would be the jam at a house party in the LBC.

16. Sumthing Like this Night
Featuring Gorillaz; Produced by Damon Albarn, Gorillaz, & Jason Cox
This is Snoop’s rendition of reggae music and I have to say this is a fun song, so I will give Snoop a pass on this one.

17. Superman
Featuring Willie Nelson
Two of the most famous pot smokers got together for a jam session. The results…HILARITY!

18. Eyez Closed
Featuring Kanye West & John Legend; Produced by Kanye West, Jeff Bhasker, & Mike Dean
This sounds more like a Kanye track than a Snoop track. I guess Snoop wanted to try something new on this one, and I have to say that it worked for the big homie.

19. Raised In Da Hood
Produced by Warryn Campbell & DJ Reflex
This is one for the twerkers right here! I can see the girls dropping it low on this one. This song goes HARD and I have to say this is a BANGER!

20. It’s D Only Thing
Produced by David Banner & THX
I wasn’t expecting David Banner to produce a track that sounded like this. That’s not a good thing either. It’s like he tried to make a Cali beat but he added too much to it, and it ended up sounding funny.

21. Cold Game
Featuring LaToiya Williams; Produced by Rick Rude
The last song on the album is a smooth one and it fits right in with the sequencing. Good way to close out the album Snoop.

Bottom Line:
Snoop makes music for California. End of story. You can’t be mad at Snoop for making music for the West Coast. He is the West Coast, so his music should reflect that. I do question a couple of tracks on the album, but I wasn’t expecting Snoop to put together a CLASSIC. I wasn’t feeling the Jeezy song or the T-Pain song, but that’s because I felt like Snoop was stepping out of his zone to accommodate the features when it should have been the other way around. Snoop finds a way to stay relevant in the game 20 years after his arrival…how many other artists can say that?