Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross – “Tupac Back”

For our first taste of Ross’ upcoming compilation with his new crew, we see Meek Mill and Rozay speak on the recent rise in 2Pac sightings. Okay, not really:

Tupac back, Tupac back
There’s all these bitches screaming that Tupac back
All eyes on me, better Picture Me Rollin’
Buying brand new rims, but them bitches is stolen
Stranded on Death Row, Brenda having my baby
But I’m stacking my paper, I need a brand new Mercedes
They screaming Tupac back, Tupac back
There’s all these btiches screaming that Tupac back

If this song sounds a little familia you’re not mistaken, it was called “MC Hammer” and it was on Teflon Don & The Albert Anastasia EP. Formula: Pick a rapper from back in the day and use said rapper’s song titles as references in new song. But hey I’m not a hater though; the hood is gonna love this one.

Self Made Vol. 1 dropping May 24th (Update: Added CDQ version)

Sidenote: Can’t wait to hear P-Body thoughts on this song.

Download: Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross – “Tupac Back”
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