Fiend International Jones – Life Behind Limo Glass [Mixtape]

My twitter time line has been blowing up about this mixtape right here. So much so that I had to post it on the site to see what our readers thought about it. Fiend was one of my favorite rappers back in the day and now he is making a comeback (to me at least). Can’t wait to hear this to see what it sounds like.


01. Croooz
02. Made In America Feat. Strong Arm Steady
03. U.K. Check-In
04. Roll It Up Feat. Cornerboy P
05. Five Percent Tint Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver
06. Weight In Gold Feat. Dicemp3
07. Type Of Cat Feat. Big Sant & Smoke Dza
08. Noir. Feat Nesby Phips
09. Feel So Good Feat. Mia X
10. When The Smoke Clears
11. Street Lights Feat. Street Wiz
12. Hotels And Champagne (Revised) Feat. Jay Grove On Trumpet
13. Street Knowledge
14. Coupe Top Back Feat. Dee-Low & Cornerboy P
15. Devil In A New Dress Fiend_International Jones Freestyle

Download: Fiend International Jones – Life Behind Limo Glass [Mixtape]